I was once walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills California and just happened to cross the street the same time Clint Eastwood was crossing. It was at that moment a sightseeing bus happened along and from the top of the double decked bus came the instantaneous shouts of “Make My Day, Make My Day”.  Although he smiled, I kind of felt like Clint Eastwood died a little inside right in front of me.

Such is the life of actor or actress forever linked to the American public by a catchphrase. Truly, it is the doubled sided cuts like a rusty razor blade of fame and infamy as public personas go. I mean, having something that makes you instantly recognizable is nice but if you’re an actor or performer being known for only one thing can kind of pigeon hole you.

For me, the impact of a catchphrase on the American psyche will come down to t-shirts. If  a catchphrase gets so popular that you see a grandma wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase then you know you’ve hit a home run.

So, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll list the catchphrase and show you a picture of the character that made it famous. We’ll include the name of the show in the description below each picture. That way you can play as a quiz or just quietly reminisce.

10 Television Catchphrases – Do You Remember the Show?

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