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Recently I saw an article about the Ten Things You'll Find in a Typical Louisiana Home and it occurred to me that really this wasn't indicative of North Louisiana. We are actually so much different than South Louisiana in so many ways that it's really hard to compile anything featuring Louisiana as a whole.

Sure, they mentioned things like Tony Chacheres, which we all know that every home in Louisiana has a couple canisters of that, and there's a fleur de lis and mosquito spray, which all of us have, but there are certain things we have up here they might not have much need for and vice versa.

I'm not even going to be so callous as to mention your LSU poster or jersey because if you don't have that, then we all know your house recently burned down.

So take a look and see if you don't agree!

10 Things You'll Find in a Typical North Louisiana Home

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