What are the worst gifts you've ever received on this day of love? Here's a list of the 10 worst Valentine's Day gifts from Match.com, plus some gift ideas that our listeners say will definitely spoil the mood.

Some of our listeners have been calling in about horrible gifts they've gotten on Valentine's Day. Here are some examples:

Sandy: a laundry basket with cleaning supplies.

Vicki C.: A 'shiny new' metal detector.

Erin A.: A foam football.

Kim A.: Lunch at McDonald's

Karen R.: A weed eater.

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And here's the list of the worst Valentine's Day gift from dating site Match.com:

1. Bouquet of red roses and baby’s breath

This is so predictable and cliché. Instead, choose a different kind of flower that is not commonly found in bouquets.

2. A box of assorted chocolates

Again, this is just much of the same ol same ol. Find out what kind of candy your sweetie likes and create some special packaging for her candy. Put it in a heart-shaped box or something like that.

3. Jewelry in a ring-sized box

The problem with this is the ring-sized box. She will assume it's an engagement ring. Use an odd shaped box to wrap those sparkly gifts, recommends the site.

4. A sachet or candle holder

If she would never buy this for herself, don't buy it for her. Just because it's red and cute doesn't make it a good gift. And just because it says ‘I love you' doesn't mean you should give it to her.

5. A stuffed animal

This is just so cheesy and wrong. She does not want a stuffed animal. It's better to make a donation in your honey’s name to a charity you think he or she respects.

6. Skimpy lingerie

This could go wrong in a number of ways. You could buy the wrong size. If it's too big, you're in trouble and if you buy something too small, you're in trouble. This is just a no-no unless you are certain to get it right.

7. Small appliances

Buying her a toaster, bread-maker, a humidifier or anything like that is not going to be a success. Instead, buy her something she doesn't need, but would love. Maybe a helicopter ride or nice plushy towels.

8. Perfume

I know you think this is a good choice, but it can go so wrong. Unless you know exactly the fragrance she likes, you will probably get this wrong. You'll something you like, but it won't match her taste. It's best to buy soaps or body lotion.

9. Tie

You really shouldn't ever give anyone a tie. This just screams "I have no clue what to get you." Your guy wants to pick out his own ties. You could still stay in the men's department and get him a nice cozy scarf or something he wouldn't think of buying for himself, the site suggests as a solution.

10. Any kind of gift certificate

She might appreciate a gift card, but this just lacks imagination and definitely will send the message that you are too lazy to think of something creative.