Mardi Gras is still about a month away but that hasn't stopped lottery players in Louisiana from getting cash thrown in their general direction. There was yet another big-money winning ticket sold in the state for this past Saturday's Powerball drawing. That ticket, according to the Louisiana Lottery website, is worth $100,000 to its owner this morning.

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion Dollars
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Last Saturday night, February the 5th the top prize in the multi-state lottery game Powerball was an estimated $139.8 million. There was no single ticket that matched all the numbers necessary to claim the game's top prize. However, a Powerball ticket that was purchased in Tennessee did match the numbers necessary to claim a $2 million dollar prize.

Since there was no top prize winner in Saturday's drawing the Powerball jackpot will be growing right up until drawing time tonight. By the way, that drawing time is 9:59 this evening Central Standard Time. And, if you'd like to purchase a ticket to play the game just know that by rule retailers must suspend sales of all tickets at least one hour before the drawing is aired.

Pepi Stohanvoski via
Pepi Stohanvoski via

The $100,000 winning ticket sold in Louisiana for this past Saturday's drawing comes exactly one month to the day that the last huge jackpot was won in the game. A ticket matching all the numbers and the Powerball was sold back on January 5th of this year. That ticket, or tickets we should say, there were two winning tickets for that drawing, split a top prize of $632.6 million dollars.

Speaking of the drawing let's look at the numbers that were pulled in Saturday's drawing for the Powerball game. Here's how the drawing unfolded.

If you didn't catch the winning numbers they were:

05   16   27   39   61   Powerball 24  Powerplay x2


The Louisiana Lottery's Big Wins in Louisiana page says the $100,000 winner matched four of the five white-ball numbers along with the Powerball. The ticket purchaser also opted for the Powerplay which means the total prize won on the ticket is $50,000 times two, or $100,000.

Lottery officials say the ticket was purchased in Port Sulphur Louisiana. That's a community in Plaquemines parish. The $100,000 winner was sold at B&H Beverage on Azalea Drive. In addition to the $100,000 winner, there were four tickets sold in the state for Saturday's Powerball game that are worth $200 this morning and another 10 tickets that are worth $100 this morning. So, double-check those tickets.

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