Every time I see a report of credit/debit card fraud it freaks me out.  Since I first learned that enterprising young thieves had several types of advanced and sophisticated devices designed to secretly "liberate" the pertinent details from your debit or credit card, I check every single device I slide my card into.  Unfortunately, crooks who use this methodology to rip you off are tech-savvy enough to hide even the smallest, tell-tale sign that some technological chicanery is afoot.  According to KSLA, these high-tech hoodlums have struck again - this time in Bossier.

Over the weekend, various "cloned" cards were allegedly used at ATMs and retail locations to pull cash directly out 11 victim's accounts.  So far, all of those affected were Barksdale Federal Credit Union accounts - but the Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force stress that this investigation is just beginning, and every one in the area should remain vigilant.

The task force is on the case, and they are urging you to check your account for discrepancies.  If you suspect that you have been scammed, contact them immediately at (318) 741-8669.

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