If you're a girl in Shreveport, chances are you have done most, if not all of these things.

I have spent entirely too long today trying to figure out all of the things that the ladies in the SBC are guilty of. I made a much longer list earlier, but have narrowed it down to what I believe is the most accurate eleven.

Check out the list below and make sure you give me your suggestions if I missed anything!



  • 1

    Goes to Country Concerts, Even if She Hates Country Music.

    No girl in Shreveport can deny this one. If there's a country concert at the CenturyLink Center or Shreveport Municipal, the girls are there, even if they hate the music. Heck, they'll probably go buy some cowboy boots to fit the part!

  • 2

    Requests the Wobble or K-Wang at Night Clubs.

    Don't argue with me on this one... For the past seven years or so, I've seen it with my own eyes every single Friday and Saturday night. Girls, you can have a great time at the club without the Wobble, I promise!

  • 3

    Parties on Saturdays, Praises on Sundays.

    The ladies down here are a God-fearing group. It doesn't matter what they do or how late they stay out on Saturday night, best believe they'll be at church on time every Sunday morning.

  • 4

    Eats at Superior Religiously.

    I've got to say, I think this could go for both guys and gals. When it comes to dining in the SBC, no one does it quite like Superior on Line Ave. The girls certainly know that and they'll be there before heading out for a night on the town.

  • 5

    Everything is Monogrammed. Everything.

    It doesn't matter if it's a shirt, hat, jacket, purse, car window, ect. If a girl in Shreveport has an empty canvas, expect their monogrammed initials to take up the space quickly.

  • 6

    Talks About Moving Out of Shreveport but Never Does.

    I see this all the time, almost on a daily basis. Girls that complain about Shreveport and assure everyone they will be moving away soon. Don't worry, they (probably) aren't going anywhere.

  • 7

    Enjoys a Nice Drive-Thru Daiquiri.

    I can't fault the ladies on this one, everyone knows a drive-thru daiquiri is amazing. The girls in Shreveport know how to party, and how to get the party started. They trust the delicious drink that's one strip of tape away from being an open container. My God I love Louisiana.

  • 8

    Wears Shirts So Baggy They Could be Dresses.

    You've probably already seen this outfit-of-choice several times today. Are they even wearing shorts under that baggy shirt? Don't ask, it's just a Shreveport thing.

  • 9

    Goes to LSUS, Tells everyone LSU.

    Let me start by saying LSUS is a freaking awesome college and there's nothing wrong with going there. However, if you do go there, make sure you pronounce that final "S" when telling you're out-of-town friends where you go to school.

  • 10

    Every Facebook Status Is Either Needing Recommendations or Something's for Sale.

    Every. Single. Status. I can't lie, I enjoy it. Typically, I get to see who's selling what and also peek on the recommendations being thrown around. Keep it up ladies!

  • 11

    Eats Crawfish with Gloves.

    There should be a law against this type of insanity. Maybe it's the acrylic nails for our Shreveport girls, or just the thought of touching the insides of a crustacean freaks them out. Either way, take the gloves off and live a little!

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