The plan to give Shreveport police leaders the option to move to 12-hour patrol shifts is dead. State Representative Alan Seabaugh has pulled his bill at the request of police chief Ben Raymond.
This measure did not mandate 12-hour shifts. But it would have set the stage for moving in that direction if that's what the chief wanted to do.

This decision by Seabaugh to pull the bill comes a couple of weeks after the measure passed in the house on a 73-16 vote. The measure was then sent on to the senate.

The Shreveport Police Officers Association has been fighting this bill.

This debate has caused a lot of controversy locally. Many officers say they oppose 12-hour shifts. Some even saying they would quit. But Representative Seabaugh says he does not even think the legislation was needed for the chief to make the change. Chief Raymond has told KEEL News if the officers did not support moving to 12-hour shifts, he would not do it.

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