Meet Ella, the little girl with BIG ideas.

Ella Casano was diagnosed with a condition called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) when she was just seven years old. The disease caused unusually low platelet levels along with excessive bruising and bleeding. Most kids with ITP usually see it come and go.

Not Ella. Fast forward to her being 12 and still needing IV infusions every eight weeks.

The needles, the tubes; the entire medical experience can be scary for most kids—so in fifth grade, Ella began to come up with a "business idea" for a project she was doing at school. Ella wanted to make these medical visits less intimidating, so she came up with the "Medi Teddy."

The "Medi Teddy" is an IV covered shaped like a cuddly teddy bear. The back of the bear is see-through mesh so doctors and nurses will still be able to monitor critical information when it comes to giving medication to patients. Once she had a prototype and a plan her parents helped her to find a company to distribute the "Medi Teddy."

It should also be noted that little Ella was adamant that Medi Teddy NOT be a for-profit organization being that she wants to give back to kids going through experiences similar to her own. Her mother called the support for her project "moving."

You can support Ella's Medi Teddy by checking them out here.

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