Just over a year after its buzzy, headline-grabbing debut, 13 Reasons Why returned for its second season over the weekend, and well...people have a lot of feelings.

Some argue the controversial teen drama's unflinching, often graphic content is a necessary depiction of real-life hardship, while others contend it's unwarranted and sometimes careless. But one thing everyone seems to agree on? It's one of the most emotional shows on television.

From full-on sob-fests to all-out rage spirals, see how people are reacting below.

People Are Shipping #Zannah Hard

Um, Clay who?

They're Also Here for Woke Mr. Porter

I'm not crying, you're crying.

And Sweet, Wounded Justin Foley

Bless his heart.

But Not So Much Alex and Mrs. Baker's Hair

Or Hannah's Ghost

In Sum:

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