First off, do not be like the guy in the picture above. Do not break mirrors. You will have bad luck! However, there are several things that you should do on Friday the 13th.

Things You Should Do On Friday the 13th!

  1. Start the Day with a Bowl of Lucky Charms
  2. Have a Scary Movie Marathon (preferably, Friday the 13th)
  3. Throw a Friday the 13th Themed Party
  4. Adopt a Black Cat
  5. Test Out Every Superstition You Can Find
  6. Listen to Rebecca Black's "Friday" song 13 times
  7. Celebrate "Blame Someone Else" Day (it is usually overlooked)
  8. Take a Romantic Stroll Through a Graveyard
  9. Go Shopping! (According to a Rutgers University study, around $900 million is lost in business because people are scared to leave their home."
  10. Test Your Luck at the Casino
  11. Plan a Stay at a Super Creepy Hotel
  12. Get Some Sick Ink (some tattoo shops have deals going on that day)
  13. Recreate Camp Crystal Lake on Minecraft

Don't be afraid to embrace all things Friday the 13th!

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