Police say that a family argument erupted into a full fledged brawl involving almost 20 people at a children's restaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The fight occurred at the Chuck E Cheese's restaurant during a kid's weekend birthday party and included the arrests of at least three people, including the birthday boy's mother, on drug charges.

 Investigators said that two men attending the party exchanged words in the restroom, and minutes later, 18 men were fighting in the dining room, knocking over tables, trampling all over the birthday boy's grandmother, and destroying the custom made birthday cake.

Employees were able to steer the brawlers outside, at which point some of the men drove to another location nearby to continue the fight, when one man pulled out a gun and fired at a car, striking a passenger in the leg. Police have yet to arrest the shooter, as others participating in the fight refused to identify him.

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, three people, including the child's mother, were arrested on drug charges and defrauding an innkeeper when family members tried to leave without paying the bill. Police said the mother's purse contained part of a Xanax pill and marijuana. They also found marijuana, crack cocaine and morphine that someone had 'spilled or dropped' during he brawl.



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