[UPDATE] Greenwood police say Megan Lejeune fabricated her abduction story.

Police say the threatening text messages sent to Lejeune's cell phone came another phone she was using. She's been arrested for criminal mischief.

[ORIGINAL STORY]  Greenwood police are searching for a young female believed to have been abducted, possibly by the father of her unborn child.

Police say 19-year-old Megan Lejeune was abducted from her Larry Lane home between 1 and 7 this morning. Her cell phone was found in the ditch near the roadway, and contained text message death threats.

Lejeune is believed to have been taken to a wooded area near Elysian Fields Road by a man in a green Suburban. She was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt, black Aeropostale sweatpands and turquoise cowboy boots.

Authorities say Lejeune sent a text message saying not to call the phone she was texting from because it would make her abductor mad and he would kill her, the couple's unborn child and himself.

Anyone with information that can help locate Lejeune is asked to call Greenwood police at 318-938-5554.


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