Being a pastor's daughter, I had no other choice but to attend church 4 times per week. Sunday was a day dedicated to the church. We woke up early in the morning, we went to a church service that lasted at least 4 hours. We took a much-needed break and went to lunch, then we were back at church for the evening service. Wednesday evenings were for bible study and Friday nights were all about youth night. Many of my childhood memories take me back to church.

I should disclose that the denomination that my dad was affiliated with was the Assemblies of God church. If you have ever visited an AG church you know that the services are nothing less than energetic. There are very strict rules that we had to follow, pentecostal life is no joke. Accepting members from the LGBTQ community is definitely not something that my childhood church would allow.

It turns out there are many denominations that won't tolerate LGBTQ members in their congregation, and one denomination is terminating its affiliation with certain churches under their umbrella.

According to KLTV, two churches that belong to the Southern Baptist Convention have been ousted because of their inclusivity with the LGBTQ community. The two churches that were kicked off the SBC roster were St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and Towne View Baptist Church, in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Pastor Conrad who has been the proud pastor of Towne View since 1994 told KLTV he began admitting LGBTQ worshippers as members in 2019. Pastor Conrad was approached by a same-sex couple with three adopted children asking if their family could attend worship service. To this day Conrad defends his decision in letting them worship alongside them. One bible verse comes to mind when I think of Pastors like Pastor Conrad: "All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out." John 6:37


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