If you're looking to mow the yard, run to the store or sit through a PTA meeting nothing is better than rocking your favorite pair of jorts. For far to long men have been shamed into not wearing these comfortable clothing attire but 2018 is the year that changes! Jorts are making a comeback!!

Giovane Gentile - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul - September 2017
Getty Images for IMG

The happy man you see pictured above is a model at the Giovane Gentile show during Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week... Jorts are making a comeback! The fashion world is resorting back to the days of Timberlake and Spears when all was right. No matter what my wife says I'll be rocking my jorts this weekend and doing it with a huge smile on my face... She had thrown away my last pair so I'll have to buy more.

Maybe just save the Male Daisy Dukes for special occasions...

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