The New Orleans Saints are the top-ranked team in the NFL.

The post-2019 Draft NFL Power Rankings are out and New Orleans is in the #1 spot. The Saints dethroned the Patriots to slide to the number one spot and according to the experts, it all comes down to a combination of moves they made in free agency and in the draft.

The Saints ... are ... the ... top ... team ... in ... the ... league. Let that sink in, because it ain't changin'. Well, for now. I'm aware that New Orleans didn't own a first-round pick, but that didn't matter. Since the last time out for these Power Rankings, New Orleans added tight end Jared Cook, whom the Patriots reportedly wanted to "replace" Gronk. All of the newly minted rookies in the NFL represent a collective unknown; meanwhile, this New Orleans roster is top-shelf. By the way, the Saints still produced a quality draft haul despite the lack of picks, starting with the real McCoy at center.

Now that the Saints are looking like the hottest team on paper, its time to get to work and make it translate to their action on the field as players are already preparing for the upcoming 2019 season with offseason workouts and conditioning.

Check out the entire list of teams on the NFL Power Rankings here.

NFL power Rankings post draft

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