In case you haven't noticed, our friends to the north are freezing their cheeks off!

Spring has officially arrived! Although it may not look like it in the northern parts of the United States, we are definitely starting to feel those springtime vibes in the south. And even though the weather may not be consistently beautiful, we've been #Blessed with some gorgeous days.

That's why springtime is better in the South!

Our spoils can be summed up in three different categories. These are things that we are already enjoying in our area and will continue to reap the benefits from as time goes on. Oh, and we better enjoy them quick before the blazing heat and sweltering humidity set in, which is soon than we expect.


One of the best parts about spring is the food. We are fortunate to be able to get outside and throw some meat on the grill well before others in the U.S. are. In fact, I've already seen some residents at my apartment taking full advantage of the grill to make dinner. Oh, and who could forget crawfish season?!


Much of what we celebrate when it comes to spring festivals centers around food, like crawfish/gumbo/corn dogs, but we also see plenty of live music festivals and shows taking place in the great outdoors. In addition to that, many makers' fairs and farmers' markets begin to make their return to the scene.

Vitamin D

Unlike those in the north who are shoveling snow off their driveways, we are more concerned with shedding clothes. Aside from warmer temperatures bringing back spring fashions, I've seen people spending more time outside. There are residents at my apartment who are even getting their base tan on by the pool.

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