Mama always said that everything was cyclical and she was totally right.

Everything seems to have a way of resurfacing. Look at television shows and movies right now. Much of what's popular is a reboot, revival, long lost sequel or a live-action adaptation. And don't think for a second that fashion has somehow avoided this merry-go-round. In a period of 12 hours, I was hit with three separate instances where I realized that the 90s fashion is upon us once again, like a back sitcom laugh track.

1. Television

Actresses Tamera Mowry And Tia Mowry Attend The WB Network's 2003 Winter Party
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Obviously, we've established the resurgence of 90s television with all of the reboots. One rumor is that the Disney television show Sister, Sister may be coming back. What I didn't expect however, was the fashion of the show to come back too. I caught a small marathon Sister, Sister recently on TV and honestly, the clothes they were wearing didn't jump out at me like I thought they would. It was quite the opposite, in fact. These episodes were in the college days of Tia and Tamera, and I easily could have pictured college kids today wearing the exact same outfits.

2. Headlines

Arwa al Banawi - Runway - FFWD October 2017
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images for FFWD

Our favorite publications are here to help us style up our wardrobe and the latest trends are sooooo 90s. Headlines like "How to Wear Your Overalls in 2018" and "18 Stylish Ways to Rock a Fanny Pack." Yes. I said FANNY PACK. These are all items that I probably had in my closet when I was a kid, but I burned them in a "cleansing of high school days" ceremony when I graduated to the status of college kid. I don't know what's more frustrating, the fact that I have to go back down that road to be in style or that I would have been better served keeping all of those clothes.

3. GiGi Hadid (see below)

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