If you have been on your phone and on your computer you have probably read up on the Solar Eclipse and realize how much hype surrounds it. No age group is exempt from the fun, the only dire warning we are hearing, "Don't look directly a the eclipse without the proper glasses!" My family and friends have been talking about it for weeks and I know of several people who took the day off of work.

The last time there was an eclipse like this was in 1979. ABC News had live coverage of the event and Frank Reynolds had a heartbreaking wish for America, "May the shadow of the moon fall on a world of peace" It's safe to say with everything happening right now, Frank Reynolds wasn't able to see his dream come to fruition. Reynolds passed away at the age of 59 in 1983. In all of this, we still have hope. The next solar eclipse is expected in April 2024.  What wish do you have 7 years from now?

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