Oklahoma resident Alexis Harrison was travelling on Interstate 40 with her church group, when she spotted something unusual.  ABC News reports she pulled over to see what the mystery object was and discovered that it was an infant's car seat with a healthy and sleeping 4-week old little boy.  To add to the confusion, the car seat also contained cash totaling $5,500, the child's social security card, and birth certificate.

Officials on the scene determined the baby was left in the 90+ degree weather for approximately 30 minutes.  Police were able to locate the child's mother, she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.  The Oklahoma County district attorney's office will decide of criminal charges will be filed against the woman.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services say that since the story broke, they have been flooded with calls from people who wanted to adopt the little bundle of joy.  Officials hope that this interest will help to bolster adoptions in Oklahoma

Alexis' pastor, Ken Angel of Abba’s House Worship Center in Ada, credits divine intervention.

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