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It's the most wonderful time of the year, which also means it is the most stressful time of the year. If you procrastinated, you'll walk into multiple stores trying to find certain items and you'll probably have to buy someone a pre-packaged present with coffee or chocolate.

The worst part is when you have no idea what to get for that special man in your life. If you have yet to buy him a present and you are out of ideas on what to get him, here are 5 easy to find gifts that he will love and appreciate.

1. For the coffee snob. My boyfriend has brought up a Nespresso a couple of times. Most of my siblings own one and he loves them. If coffee is your love language definitely look into this.

2. Make your own Whiskey/Bourbon Kit. What is his favorite whiskey or bourbon? Get him a bottle. Get some of those awesome scotch cups he has yet to buy for himself and even some of those cool whiskey stones to keep his whiskey chilled. Add a book that will help him become an expert and put them all in a basket and you just made a whiskey kit.

3. His own Shampoo and Conditioner. He won't ask for it, but we know he needs it. You're probably sick of him stealing your shampoo out of your bathroom. Get him his own sexy smelling goodies.

4. Sometimes you just need a candle to burn. Something that you know he'd love the scent of.

5. Help him stay "well kept". Who says being perfectly groomed is just for the ladies? This kit is complete with a ball washing kit. Make sure he isn't taking baseballs and tennis balls into the shower with him though.

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