The new man in Kelly Ripa's life has been in ours for years.

Ryan Seacrest, the omnipresent media and pop culture personality, can add yet another item to "work experience" on his resume now that he will be Ripa's new co-host on Live!.

Seacrest will be the third high-profile full-time man to sit beside Ripa on Live!. She came aboard the show in 2001 when Regis Philbin was still headlining it and then welcomed Michael Strahan in 2012 for what turned out to be a three-and-a-half-year gig before he bolted for Good Morning America in 2016.

Ripa has a rotating tour of co-hosts since Strahan left (we're talking dozens of people, folks), but Seacrest, who may be the busiest man in entertainment, may just have the chops to pull this off.

Ultimately, the audience will be the judge about whether or not a Ripa-Seacrest tandem will fit in as seamlessly with our mornings, as coffee and rushing out the door to beat the traffic. If you're not sure whether this was the right decision or if you're just so stoked you can't get enough, we present to you all the evidence you need: here are some clips of the two of them working together during some of Seacrest's time as a guest host.

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