A brazen robbery at the Victoria's Secret store this week in Mandeville, Louisiana has investigators scrambling for leads.  5 women using stun guns and mace ran out of the wildly popular lingerie store with $1,500 in merchandise.  2 of the women were armed, one with mace and the other with a stun gun.  According to NOLA.com,  2 employees were maced and one was attacked with the stun gun.

According to police, the suspects fled the scene in a silver Honda sedan sporting a temporary license plate. 3 of the suspects had light complexion and 2 had dark complexion.  It seems that they were all in their early 20's and range in height from 5'5" to 5'10".  One has red hair, and one was wearing a blue baseball cap.

Due to the strong arm tactics, the weapons used in the crime, and the fact that employees were injured - this is much more than a simple robbery.  These "ladies" are facing felony charges when the long arm of the law catches up to them.  Officials are asking to the public for help.  If you know or saw anything concerning the robbery at the Premier Shopping Center that plays host to Victoria's Secret - please reach out the Mandeville Police Department at 985.626.9711.

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