I believe I have hit full crazy cat lady now that I am considering getting a leash and harness for my cat, Salem.

When I walk my dog, Rudd, Salem sits on the window seal and watches us. He looks so depressed. I have caught him trying to run past me to go outside several times. This has caused me to think about something that I thought I would never do: buy a cat leash.

I never wanted to be that lady who walks her cats, but now I see why they do it.

Well.. I am about to be that lady.

Before I decided to jump the gun on heading down to the pet store I decided to check out tips. According to Healthy Pets, there are a series of steps to take before you get the cat on the leash.

  • "Purchase a harness for the leash, not a collar."

This is the most helpful tip I have found. If you own a cat then you already know how flexible they are. They can get out of anything.

  • Baby Steps!

You training a cat.... you're going to have to be patient.

  • Let the cat get used to wearing the harness.

Before heading out the door with the cat you will want to make sure that the cat is comfy with the harness.

  • Prepare for noise.

If you live in a crowded neighborhood you will want to find the perfect time that is quiet. Over stimulating the cat could result in a bad walk. No one likes a bad walk.

  • Get that out of your mouth!

Don't allow the cat to pick up things out side. No need for catching anything gross and nasty.

  • "Expect Setbacks."

If you are a cat owner you already know that cats can be unpredictable. Some days will be better than others, but you can do it.

Expect a video soon of Salem's first walk!