July 4th is just around the corner and there are some easy ways to keep your fur babies calm during the festivities. Andrea "Pinky" Mire from Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center has 6 easy steps to keep the comfortable. She joined KPEL's Acadiana's Morning News with Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee.

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  • Keep Pets Secured Inside Your Home - When scared, a dog or cat will do everything it can to find somewhere it considers safe. Securing your pet indoors is an extra level of protection.
  • Give Pets a Safe Place to Hide - Set up an area in a room or a crate with items that make them feel comfortable. (If you will be gone for the evening, leave pets something that has your scent, like an article of clothing.)
  • Use Ambient Noise - A radio, white noise or TV can help drown out the noise outside.
  • Keep Pets Busy - Treat toys such as a Kong filled with peanut butter can provide a distraction during the festivities.
  • Talk to a Vet - For severe cases of anxiety, medication may be the best option.
  • Update Pets’ Information, Just in Case - One in three pets go missing in their lifetime. Having pets microchipped is a permanent form of identification and increases chances of lost animals being reunited with their owners significantly.

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