Take this story as the best reason in the world to prepare your children for the worst.

According to multiple sources including the News Star and KOMO news, 6-year-old Branson Lee was stopping his little brother from falling into a backyard pool in Calhoun, Louisiana when he saw his 21-month old twin cousins in trouble. Kaden and Isaac had slipped away from their mother for about 4-5 minutes before Branson saw them floating face down in the water.  The hero inside of Branson exploded into full life-saving mode.  He was not formally trained, but he remembered his mother using CPR on his younger brother two years ago. After diving straight in, he pulled the limp and blue toddlers out of the pool, and started screaming to dial 911 while administering heart-starting chest compressions. The twins father, Steven Kelly, heard the calls for help and immediately took over the emergency resuscitation procedure.

About a minute later, he had the pair coughing up water and breathing.

The twin boys were airlifted to Shreveport right away, but the outlook was grim.  Doctors say that the outcome in this situation is not typical at all.  Normally, physicians would be looking at the possibility of brain damage or death.  The Kelly's say that Kaden was able to speak in complete sentences less than half an hour after the accident.  By the next morning, the twins acted as if nothing had happened.  They are now back at home thanks to some quick thinking by a 6-year old, a prepared dad, and what some are calling a miracle.

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