Hurricane Ida's winds have decreased to Category 3 level, but Southeastern Louisiana is still taking a beating from the tropical system.

According to reports from Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, Ida's winds destroyed homes and businesses in the Matthews area and ripped roofs off buildings in and around Houma. Meanwhile in the New Orleans area, Ida's winds have knocked out power to all of New Orleans. Homes and businesses in the area are damaged. A Jefferson Parish senior center lost its roof.

In Metairie, the Galleria Building suffered major damage and a loss of power. One person was trapped in an elevator after that outage happened. That person was later rescued. The Galleria houses television station WGNO. That station is now operating on generator power to remain on the air.

The hurricane's rain and storm surge have flooded Grand isle and other areas in Jefferson and Orleans Parish.

Ida's forward progress has stalled. As of 7 p.m., Ida is moving north-northwest at 10 miles-per-hour. The hurricane's eye is just north of U. S. 90 and Des Allemands and just west of Luling, Boutte, and Destrehan. The official coordinates are 29.9 North, 90.5 West.

Lafayette will receive wind gusts around 55 miles per hour between 9 p.m. and midnight tonight. Curfews are now in effect all across Acadiana, with other curfews going into effect later tonight.

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