It's no secret that the most popular person in your friend's group has a pool.  I have spent many hot summer days at my friend's house and the deal is I'll grill if we can use her pool. There isn't anything better during a hot Louisiana summer than a popsicle (or an adult beverage) and cooling off in a pool.

What do I do when I am not tipsy at my friend's pool? I do what all of us do, I daydream. I scroll my favorite website and scout out my next pool.

Yes, I realize that if I were to purchase a home with a pool I would forever be the one with the house that gets invaded. Would I be mad about it? Not at all, come one, come all.

Come daydream with me as we take a look at all the beautiful backyards with pools that make the backyard look like an oasis right here smack dab in northwest Louisiana.

Who knew that pools that look like they belong in Beverly Hills could be right here in Shreveport?

Check out these awesome pools

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