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Winter is just around the corner for Louisiana and Texas. Temperatures are starting to dip a bit. We're starting to see more cold fronts blow through. So, if you're curious what winter has in store for us, here's some things to keep an eye out for.

Though we had "Snowmageddon" a few years ago, generally speaking, our winters in Northwest Louisiana are pretty mild.

For me, it all began with the Farmer's Almanac prediction that the deep mid-South, which includes all of Texas and Louisiana, would be "Chilled to the Bone with near normal precipitation" this winter.  That got my attention because, believe it or not, the Farmer's Almanac long range weather predictions are generally correct 80 to 85 percent of the time.

Of course, I wanted to do some other research to see what Mother Nature had to say on the subject. According to local lore and some 'old timers' in the area, here's some of the things to look for to see if we're in for a harsh winter or not.

The first thing is to try the old "What form do you see in the persimmon seed?" trick.

Gary McCoy
Gary McCoy

After removing the seeds and slicing one in half (which is quite a feat) look to see what the center looks like.

Gary McCoy
Gary McCoy

According to folklore, if the local persimmon seed is shaped like a spoon, you can expect plenty of snow. If it's shaped like a fork, your area will see a mild winter, and if that kernel looks like a knife, you're in for frigid winds that will cut like a knife.

That's just one test to see what winter has in store. Below are several other signs to look for to determine if it's going to be a harsh winter or not.

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