It was 1985 and no one was hotter than British bad boy rocker Billy Idol. His string of hits included 'White Wedding', 'Eyes Without A Face', and even a remake from the 60s, 'Mony Mony'. Meantime, record producer and songwriter Keith Forsey was sure he had a smash on his hands. He and partner Steve Schiff had just penned a tune that he was certain had 'million seller' written all over it. So he approached Idol about recording the song. Billy said he'd take a look at it and think it over. So Forsey waited. And waited some more. Eventually, Idol decided the song wasn't for him and suggested that Forsey give the song to an up and coming British band, Simple Minds. Forsey was hesitant, hoping to land a bigger name. 'Maybe they can do a demo', Forsey told Idol. The rest, as the saying goes, is music history. Simple Minds recording of 'Don't You Forget About Me' has become an iconic theme of the 80s, being used in the opening and end of the movie 'The Breakfast Club'. And did Billy Idol have regrets? Well, he recorded his own version of the classic for his 'Greatest Hits' album in 1992. What do you think?