If you ever rocked parachute pants while trying to 'moonwalk,' you might want to listen to KVKI this weekend! Why? Because we're taking it old school with back-to-back '80s hits! Welcome to another Feel Good '80s Weekend!

Starting this Friday, September 24th, 2021, at 3 pm, we're going retro celebrating the decade of the Atari 2600, scratch & sniff stickers, and Big League Chew! Yep, we're bringing back all of the '80s hits you love and we'll keep the totally awesome tunes rolling through Sunday, September 26th, at 7 pm when Delilah comes on. Are you ready to revisit the decade that brought us Swatch watches, Teddy Ruxpin, and leg warmers? We are! In fact, we may break out our crimping iron just for fun!

So, in the spirit of the weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some obscure '80s trivia that you can wow your friends with. Check it out!

1. Queen’s first song in 1980 was also their first #1 in the United States. Which song was it? (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
2. Which business were the Bauer brothers working in for the film Splash? (Produce)
3. Who brought seaweed and raw fish for lunch in the movie The Breakfast Club? (Claire aka Molly Ringwald)
4. Which iconic 1988 movie features a cross-country road trip for two brothers, Charlie and Raymond Babbitt? (Rain Man)
5. How many kids did Carla have by the end of the show Cheers? (8)
6. Who was the leading character in the 1980s sitcom Silver Spoons? (Ricky Stratton aka Ricky Schroder)
7. Madison Square Garden held this first staged wrestling event on March 31, 1985. What was it? (WrestleMania)
8. Many 1980s kids grew up on VHS videocassette recorders. What does VHS stand for? (Video Home System)
9. John Landis directed which iconic Michael Jackson music video in the 1980s? (Thriller )
10. In which city were the 1980 Summer Olympic Games held? (South Korea)

Don't miss it when we serve all this pop-culture fun up for you on a platter this weekend as KVKI celebrates with wall-to-wall '80s super hits. And don't forget, wherever your travels take you this weekend, take 96.5 KVKI with you using the free KVKI Mobile App.

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