Gron Fuels is looking at spending $9.2 billion in stages building a renewable fuel complex at the Port of Baton Rouge, according to Louisiana Economic Development. The decision will officially be made next year. The complex would be located at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and create 1,025 jobs with an average yearly salary of almost $100,000 with benefits.

Governor John Bel Edwards announced that Gron Fuels is currently in the middle of a study to see if the plan will be a lucrative one. This would put Louisiana on track to be one of the oil states to lead the nation in finding ways to start crossing over to renewable fuels.

This news will be welcomed by Louisianans as many were scared of what Joe Biden might do to the state's oil industry after the election. Biden said the United States needs to move away from our dependency on fossil fuels and embrace renewable fuels in the future. His statement made many in Louisiana concerned about the state's bread and butter oil industry.

Gron Fuel's renewable fuel complex would show the world that Louisiana is poised to be in a position to move the state forward according to the renewable energy recommendations that Mr. Biden spoke of.

The complex would be built on the banks of the Mississippi River near Port Allen over the course of nine years. The mega-complex would be able to create 60,000 barrels of low-carbon renewable diesel a day with the option to produce renewable jet fuel. If built, the complex would be the world's largest facility for renewable fuel. There's no denying, this would be a huge shot in the arm for the image of the state, the Louisiana struggling economy and its people.

Growing global demand for renewable transportation fuels creates a significant growth opportunity for our state.-Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

The Governor told Louisiana Economic Development that this renewable energy facility would make Louisiana the leader in environmentally friendly energy production.

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