The 3 judge panel set to hear Mayor Adrian Perkins' appeal to his disqualification has ruled in favor of the disqualification lawsuit. The panel, consisting of Chief Judge Milton Moore III of Monroe, Judge Shonda Stone from Shreveport and Judge Jeff Thompson of Benton have upheld the disqualification ruling of Caddo District Judge Brady O' Callaghan.

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The original challenge came from a lawsuit on behalf of 40 or so plaintiffs, mostly pilots and owners of hangars at the Shreveport Downtown Airport, and Shreveport Regional Airport, filed by attorney Hugo Holland, claiming Mayor Perkins filed incorrect or false information when filling out his qualifying paperwork to run for Mayor of Shreveport. The lawsuit alleged that Perkins claimed his voting registration at a family home on Stratmore in Shreveport, but claimed his homestead exemption at a different address, a condo he owns on Marshall Street in downtown Shreveport.  Louisiana state law requires electors to maintain their voting registration at the same address claimed on their homestead exemption.

Perkins claimed it was an innocent mistake, made because he was distracted by the TV cameras and lights in his face while he was trying to fill out his qualifying paperwork. Perkins' official response to the initial ruling can be read in full by clicking the link below.

In his response, Perkins claims:

This is a desperate attempt by my political opponents to undermine the democratic process. Elections should be decided by the voters

As a side note, Perkins' Assistant Communications Director, Lyman Lasco McKellar, a city employee, issued the response from a city email, during regular business hours.  A seeming violation prohibiting a candidate from using city employees or resources to assist in personal campaign duties.

You can read the full ruling from the court below:

This latest decision is expected to be appealed, and sent next to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

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