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It's never really been a debate - Louisiana is a strange place.  Believe me, I see stories coming out of the Sportsman's Paradise that have me scratching my head daily.  Today's healthy serving of weird comes from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

How the "suspect" escaped

Right now, folks in Lafourche Parish (on Louisiana's south-east coast) are struggling to recover from the damage left behind by one of the most powerful storms to ever come ashore in the Bayou State.  Houses, businesses, farms, and more were ripped apart and scattered everywhere by the 100+ mph winds that Hurricane Ida brought along with her.  Unfortunately, that also applies to animals like dogs, cats, and goats.

This officer was simply trying to help

Luckily for parish residents, the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office has been working tirelessly to help bring some kind of order to that chaos whenever and wherever they can. According to the ArkLaTex Homepage, when Deputy Michael Jenkins saw a lonely goat among the debris he leapt into action.

Deputy Jenkins has dealt with baad boys before


Thanks to this brave deputy's experience in dealing with difficult customers, the goat was finally cuffed and stuffed into the back of Jenkins' cruiser on the charge of battery of a police officer, harassment and criminal mischief - no kidding!

Lucky goat gets off easy - this time

Looks like this particular cloven-hooved miscreant caught a lucky break, as he was reprimanded to the custody of his owner.  I mean, he could've ended up in the pen!

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