A House Divided, Such a Popular Issue in the South.

One thing I will always love about the south is how we are all dedicated to our teams, especially our college teams. I am a die-hard Longhorn fan since a majority of my nieces and nephews went there. I will always yell "Hook 'em" if I am given the opportunity, yup even when we keep losing. I have yet to date a man who loves the Longhorns like my family does, however when I do I will probably try to keep him since "a house divided" during football season is far from ideal.

Something About the LSU and Alabama Fued Is Unlike Any Other Fued Out There.

It all started in the 2003-2004 season. Saban coached our tigers to a 13-1 season as he led the Tigers to a win over Oklahoma for their first national championship since 1958. Once the season ended Sabun just up and left LSU.

It was like Saban went out for milk and never returned. Saban went off to coach the Miami Dolphins in the NFL for two years, and then he committed an unforgivable sin. He went to the University of Alabama. Some say his two-year stint with Miami was all part of a big game plan to end up at Alabama.

One LSU Fan Played One of the Best Jokes on Her Husband.

The good news is this video was taken at the reception which means that it was too late for this groom to run for the hills.

The groom is a die-hard Alabama football fan so naturally, he wanted his groom's cake to reflect that and he asked for an Alabam-themed cake. Well, he got his wish, kind of. You see the groom's cake was an Alabama cake. However, when he cut into it, there was purple and yellow inside the cake. Check out the hilarious video below.


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