Police officers put their lives on the line every time they put their uniforms on and get behind the wheel of their police cruiser. An everyday traffic stop for a minor infraction could end up being life threatening. While on patrol, Bridgeport police officer Corporal Richard Taylor pulled over a teenage driver for running a red light, but it's what happened during this traffic stop that almost turned deadly for officer Taylor. CBS11 obtained the officers dash cam video that shows a driver coming at the officer on the wrong side of the road.

At first the officer thought it might have been a parent of the teen coming to the scene, but quickly realized it wasn't. The approaching car increased in speed, swerved across at least three lanes of traffic and was headed towards the officer who was standing on the shoulder of the road. Thanks to the officer Taylor's quick reaction, he saved his own life from being run over by this car. Officer Taylor cut the teen loose and pursued this driver who was eventually caught. After an investigation they learned this driver had been drinking but was under the legal limit.

It was an extremely close call for officer Taylor who was out doing what he and thousands of other officers do on a daily and nightly basis, trying to keep the streets as safe as they can.

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