It's sounds like the plot for a Hollywood blockbuster... A group of men descend upon Vegas ready for a weekend of debauchery for a bachelor party full of hi-jinks and excessive drinking when things go south. Hello, The Hangover, anyone?

But this actually happened in real life and this guy from Wales may be the only person to ever swim across the Hoover Dam and live to tell about it.

What had happened was, 28-year-old Aaron Hughes went to Vegas for a bachelor party weekend with his mates in August. After drinking for 37 hours straight, they somehow ended up near the Colorado River by the Hoover Dam on the Arizona side when Aaron decided it was hot out and that a swim sounded like a fine idea. Luckily for Hughes, 9 of the 10 turbines at the Hoover Dam were turned off at the time or he might not have lived.

According to VICE, the swim across the river took roughly 30 minutes and then the idiot hopped right back in and swam back across. Because of the inherent danger, swimming in the area is illegal and police were waiting on Hughes when he got out of the water and slapped him with a $330 fine.

Hughes later told BBC News that he didn't regret his impromptu dip and that he even has a tattoo which reads, 'No regrets.'

Hughes told the Daily Post that the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records reached out to him to re-enact his 'hold my beer and watch this moment' because they needed a someone there to verify his incredible stupidity. Thankfully, the adventure seeking Welsh man declined.

Hughes is a forklift driver when he's not drunk and disorderly.

According to the Mirror, 275 people have died at the Hoover Dam in the last ten years.

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