If you are gearing up for a summer vacay with the family, and your pets, then here's a few tips from actual veterinarians that can make things soooo much easier. Fido and Kitty will be grateful, so check out a summary below, but if you want more info, be sure to hit up Mental Floss for more details.

  • Get a comfy travel crate for short trips. If they are used to crates, this could be their comfort zone
  • Don't stuff the crate with toys. You want to leave them as much room as possible to adjust their comfort level.
  • Bring all the correct paperwork. Some places require updated health info before pets are allowed to check in with you.
  • Make sure contact info is up to date and correct. Microchip or tag info is critical in case you get separated, and you're far from home.
  • No food, or less than normal portions on travel day. You don't want a case of stress diarrhea do you?
  • Keep them hydrated.
  • Make sure you have toys ready to keep them occupied
  • Pet friendly accommodations are must. Make sure you call the hotel, Airbnb, or condo in advance to find out their pet policy.
  • Bring a little bit of home along for the ride. Their own toys and treats will make them way more comfortable
  • Know when to leave pets at home. Not every vacation is appropriate for your furry friends.

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