With Americans paying gas prices that are currently sitting lower that a Hot Wheels tricycle seat, is it any wonder the highways and byways of our great land are literally swarming with drivers? Americans have saved approximately $10 BILLION, (that's BILLION, as in 'many') dollars at the pump compared to just this time last year, and that shakes out to around $45 a person.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said the end result is record breaking numbers of motorists hitting the road. However, 'what that actual record number is?', 'how did you arrive at this number?', and 'compared to what?' questions immediately prompted the government agency to close down for a week of paid vacation so they could 'process' the 'stress brought on by interacting with the public'.... Or not.... I think we all agree that isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility and at any rate  they certainly didn't provide any actual numbers, so.... The only even slightly gloomy news is the forecast for gas prices to rise as much as 35 cents a gallon between now and Memorial Day, a sharp increase but still an average of 40 cents less than what we paid a year ago. So spivvy up the old bomber, dust off your favorite cassettes, and hit the road this summer. Cruising is cool again.

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