Aaron Carter received a visit from police after a September 20 Instagram Live.

When the screen went black, some fans thought they heard sounds of inhaling and spraying in the background, according to ET Canada.

Police apparently told TMZ that viewers believed Carter was "possibly overdosing on social media."

The singer has a history of drug abuse, including arrests for marijuana and an addiction to huffing and prescribed medications.

In a 2019 appearance on The Doctors, Carter said "I was huffing because I was really f---ing stupid and sad but this is really no excuse. I was huffing because I’m a drug addict."

He also claimed that his late sister Leslie, who died of an overdose, introduced him to huffing at 16.

Apparently when police showed up at his door after the Instagram Live, there was no answer at first because Carter was sleeping.

While police found no evidence of drugs or concerning activity, Carter did claim that the incident was a joke he created on purpose.

"I’m tired of people coming after me so I trolled everybody," he said to TMZ, but fans maintained that the two sprays they heard on the Live sounded suspicious.

Carter also called himself "the troll hunter" in relation to the situation.

He has allegedly been clean for 5 years.

Meanwhile, in March 2022, Carter faced allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-fiancée Melanie Martin, who said that Carter broke three of her ribs in a dispute over medication.

Soon after the alleged altercation, Martin took the couple's infant son and left the home.

Martin also requested a restraining order against Carter and to be able to retrieve her and her son's belongings from the house.

Following the situation, Carter posted online about breaking up with Martin, saying, "My relationship has come to a point where we have to part ways. Please respect my privacy at this time. Thank you."

The break-up followed a previous one from November 2021 in which Carter appeared to blame his twin sister, Angel, on Twitter, writing, "Thanks Angel, you ruined my family. God bless."

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