If you thought Abby Lee Miller would take Cheryl Burke's recent mud-slinging lying down, you clearly don't know the Dance Moms star.

Burke, who was named Miller's replacement in March ahead of Miller's incarceration, said earlier in May that the show's young stars have been "traumatized" by publicity surrounding Miller's court hearings, according to Us Weekly. And in a new interview, Miller refutes the claims that the girls have been hurt in any way, and issues an admonition to Burke.

"I think it's a joke," she said. "In my studio, every single day, I had numerous producers...and some type of child advocate service person who's the tutor/social worker who is there, who watches eerything that's said, everything that goes on. So, how could any traumatizing be going on? That's ridiculous."

Miller also said Burke's remarks were out of line, and challenged her to be more discerning about what comes out of her mouth.

"I think that's a really rough statement and I would never say that about Cheryl," she tells Us. "I think she needs to watch her mouth."

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