Casting is a vital part of the movie-making process. There’s a lot that goes into the decision of who plays who. There’s contracts, salaries, and schedules to be negotiated. Most of the time, when a production team decides on a group of actors, they stick with it. But on occasion, certain circumstances cause actors to leave in the middle of a movie series. What’s there to do but find another actor to play the part?

In big-budget movie franchises, it’s a smarter move in the long run to simply recast the character. Producers don’t necessarily expect audience members to not notice, but the hope is that the suspension of disbelief is enough to keep viewers engaged in the series. Sometimes it works, but other times, it can completely change the tone of the franchise for worse. Here are ten characters from major movie series that were recast between sequels.

Gallery — Great Movies That Became Horrible Franchises:

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