Singer/songwriter/Voice judge/hottie Adam Levine will never not be on your TV screen ever again thanks to another NBC reality show.

The show in question has all the makings of a success, mostly because of its similarities to The Voice, which has been a smash hit for the network. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Voice's executive producer Audrey Morrissey is teaming up with Adam and Grammy-winning songwriter Dave Stewart to bring us yet another musical reality show — but this one will be a little bit different from The Voice, American Idol, X Factor and the like.

Songland will showcase talented up-and-coming songwriters instead of singers. If picked up, it will expose us to the talents and work of some of the more unrecognized members of the music industry. It will reportedly give everyday people the chance to share their stories and compositions with music industry giants.

The show will reportedly be produced by Live Animals in association with Dave Stewart Entertainment and Adam's own 222 Productions. The network inked a development deal with Adam two years ago, but Billboard points out that since this project was actually created by Audrey Morrissey and Dave Stewart, it's likely not the result of that deal.

We are so excited to hear more about this show, which is putting a new spin on the music/reality genre — but obviously, we hope that it won't completely take Adam away from The Voice. After all, what is that show without the hilarious banter between Adam and Blake Shelton?

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