This one is going to be a head shaker! Adam Sandler is responsible for a number of stinkers over the years and this one is already starting to smell even though I’ll see it for nostalgia’s sake. Adam has teamed with Kevin James for a movie called Pixels which is due out in July. Of course, the two have to save the world… from aliens… who come in the form of 80’s arcade characters… like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede and those little thingies that came down and you had to shoot in Space Invaders.

Rumors are cropping up again about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Remember the talk about them dating in the past? According to People Magazine, they're together, but it's a casual thing. Quote, 'This is not some intense romance, they're two adults who are attractive and single... But they're not about to run off and make some serious commitment.

I love fact that Brad Paisley is a redneck just like us! He says his yard is filled with targets so he can practice his bow and arrow. We have a deer in our yard, but Brad has bears, velociraptors and coyote targets. He says it’s like the worst zoo you’ve ever seen! Brad says he likes to go out on his porch in the morning with a cup of coffee and just shoot.

Celebrity Birthdays Wednesday, March 18:
Adam Levine 36
Vanessa Williams 52
Charley Pride 77

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