There's absolutely nothing like a child's love.

As a father of two beautiful daughters myself, this video absolutely grabbed my heart. A child's love, especially a little daughter, is so pure and endless. It's never ending, and beyond sweet. This adorable baby girl has gone viral with millions of views on Twitter after passionately showing her love for her mother in a truly hilarious way.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Men in Black. I love all of them, even the third film. In fact, my daughters have never seen any of the MIB movies, and this viral video inspired us to watch the films together tonight.

Anyways, in the movies, aliens are allowed to travel to Earth. To do so, they must provide the proper paperwork, such as an alien passport. If you haven't seen the films, that's all you really need to know for the rest of this story to make sense.

A twitter user named Kira J shared a video of her daughter absolutely balling her eyes out after discovering her mom's passport. So why would a little girl cry over their mother's passport? Well, maybe because the daughter had recently watched Men in Black. So to her, the passport meant that her mother was an alien, and you can tell the poor little girl believed that with all of her heart.

In a funny note, Ed Solomon, who wrote the screenplay for the original Men in Black film, saw the tweet and offered a hilarious response. He tweeted the mother saying, "My Bad. I apologize."

You can find the viral video below!

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