Joe Burrow may feel on top of the world right now, but a group of kindergarteners are helping him to stay humble.

An LSU Lab School kindergarten class wrote an "advice book" with tips on how the LSU star QB should handle his recent wins (and losses too!)

Here are a few highlights via WAFB

If you win, high five Coach O.
If you win, do a dogpile.
If you win, don't go crazy on TV. Your friends are watching.
If you win, don’t brag to the other team.

The class teacher also attached the following note to Joe's 'Advice Book.'

Just wanted to send a good luck book from our kindergarten students at LSU Lab School. They are so excited for you. We have loved watching you play this season. If you ever want to come by and say hello - we would love that!

Joe definitely got the book and took time out to take a photo holding it. For what it's worth, based on his Heisman speech, he definitely took their advice as he thanked coaches from both LSU and his former school Ohio State.

He sent the photo back to the class, and who knows—the Heisman Trophy winner may pay them a visit soon.

AFTER he wins the National Championship, of course.

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