From dystopia to the deep blue sea.

Divergent's Shailene Woodley and Hunger Games star Sam Claflin's latest romance, Adrift, is a journey of love, survival, and seat-gripping suspense. Or perhaps, more precisely, what Titanic might've panned out like were Nicholas Sparks ever to scribe a novelization in a similar vein.

The film, based on the true tale of real-life ocean enthusiasts Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp in 1983, chronicles the duo's harrowing brush with Hurricane Raymond, one of the most disastrous hurricanes ever to be documented.

In the trailer, below, all seems well for the seafaring lovers Tami (Woodley) and Richard (Claflin), who embark on a 1,000-mile cruise to Tahiti until tragedy strikes when the couple find themselves at the core of a category 5 tempest, resulting in life-threatening injuries for Richard and leaving Tami to salvage the remains of their boat to navigate them to safety.

The upcoming feature film will be the 26-year-old actress' first big-screen break in two years since her last appearances in 2016's Snowden and The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

Adrift arrives in theaters June 1.

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