With the recent announcement that dodge ball will no longer be allowed in Louisiana Schools due to new regulations on physical activity, you might be wondering just what kind of namby-pamby new generation we are raising.  I remember the hard lessons learned in the gladiatorial arena that was the gym on dodge ball day.  On top of that, it's great exercise and training that translates into faster reaction times and much better hand-eye coordination.

Rejoice my red-blooded american friend, there's balls to dodge outside of the school house!  I was so distraught be the story Carter did earlier this week, I just had to find out if dodge ball was gone for good.  The good news is: Yes, there is a place to teach your offspring about the art of the dodge.  Altitude Trampoline Park offers flying dodge ball to anyone over the age of 7.  That's right, they have adult, flying dodge ball, and if you think you got the right stuff when it comes to avoiding balls trying to smash into your face - you can take it a step further.

Dodge ball leagues, like IMPACT 864 Dodgeball (a prestegious member of the  National Amateur Dodgeball Association, seriously) are popping up to satisfying your ball lust.  Also, it's good for the kids.

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