...not Artificial Intelligence, but American Idol. What a week. Pia goes home. My thought was that it would be Stefano, or Paul. But not Pia. Admittedly, I didn't like her wardrobe choice for her performance of "River Deep, Mountain High." Nor (after watching her for the last 4 weeks) am I a big fan of her stage stance(s).  Who am I to say, since SHE is in the competition and I'm...NOT!

Anyway, I would have thought that IF she would have been booted, it would have been for wardrobe and stage presence...even though Stefano's stage presence is not as good as Pia's by far.

I know the judges have used their "one save" for the season...but I'm now wondering if the producers will surprise us with an "exceptional reprieve" for Pia. Even Stefano was floored...

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