The New Orleans Saints nine-game winning streak was snapped by the Philidelphia Eagles over the weekend. The critics are out in full force online, but Alvin Kamara isn't holding back with his savage responses.

Check out where the conversation started out today on Twitter with @A_kamara6

Kamara is pointing out the fair-weather-fans who enjoy the ride when the Saints are winning, but are quick to criticize when the team loses.

One Twitter user went on to call Kamara "corny" back, of which Kamara was quick to begin the roasting - but he has since deleted his hilarious responses. Below was the initial post that got Kamara's Twitter fingers going @WhoDatQueen_

Kamara pulled up the below Twitter post from the fan, as she ironically rocked his own #41 jersey @WhoDatQueen_

This is a classic case of a disgruntled fan after a tough loss. I bet she did not expect Kamara himself to get involved in the conversation today.

Now, I am not happy with the Saints loss... But, you will not catch me telling professional football players, "go study that play book" on Twitter either. This is truly one of my pet peeves. People online love to give their analysis of football and the people who play it, when they really have no place to do so.

I would like to think my football knowledge is more extensive than the average person, having played the game and been a fan my whole life. But when I see people online advising ALVIN KAMARA of what he needs to do, I gotta draw the line.

Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion and professional athletes have to expect criticism from the public. I just think it looks a little silly when fans think talking on Twitter will encourage their favorite players to perform better.

Kamara deleting his responses to this disappointed fan shows me that he realized he should not be going after the #WhoDatNation even when they are speaking out of turn.

I think @A_kamara6 is just going to rest and enjoy the rest of the day off as he prepares for the Saints playoff run...

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