Alvin Kamara interviews are still priceless.

The Saints got a big win over the San Francisco 49ers, but not before a few of our guys went down with some pretty significant injuries. The biggest injury suffered in today's game was definitely Drew Brees (which we'll be following closely over the next few days) but there was definitely a moment that made me hold my breath when I saw safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson go down in the 4th quarter.

Up to that point, C.J. had been a beast, frustrating 49ers backup QB Nick Mullens and sniffing out run after run in the backfield. When he went down with an apparent arm injury, part of me thought "oh well, this is where they get back into the game."

You have to excuse my pessimism. It's actually realism after watching the Saints for so long—but I digress.

Offensive player Alvin Kamara came out to help up C.J. and after the game, he revealed what he said to the Saints' electric safety.

He didn't stop there with the Kamara-esque interview replies, especially when Luke Johnson asked him about Jameis in the huddle.

And as far as how the team felt after Drew was sidelined, more classic Kamara.

So there you have it, folks. Another priceless interview from Alvin Kamara—who also had quite the day as his name continues to be thrown into the 2020 NFL MVP conversation.

Oh, and as far as that injury report on Gardner-Johnson...

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